Welcome New Board Officers & Trustees

The Pine Mountain Music Festival is pleased to announce Dr. Dan Arnold of Marquette as their new President of the Board. Candace Koski-Janners rotates off the Board after many years of service to the Festival. Her leadership and dedication to the arts in the Upper Peninsula will not be forgotten. Other new officers on the PMMF Board include: Diane Eshbach as Vice-President, Jim O’Brien as Treasurer, and Jon Pryor as Secretary. Also rotating off the board are Dr. Sigurds Janners, David Geisler, and Dr. Michael Neuman. PMMF thanks each of these outgoing board members for their longstanding commitment to building a strong and vibrant arts organization. PMMF is also pleased to announce new Board members. Joining the Board are Dr. Jack Kublin, Joanne Bollinger, and Joel Neves. Dr. Kublin is a longtime resident of Marquette, where he is a practicing ophthalmologist. Mrs. Bollinger resides in both Maine and Eagle Harbor. She is a retired singer, voice teacher and music educator. Mr. Neves is Assistant Professor and Director of Orchestral Activities at Michigan Tech University. Thank you to all of our outgoing Trustees, and ‘Welcome Aboard’ to our new Board officers and Trustees!