Accessibility Report

Pine Mountain Music Festival makes every effort to accommodate all patron needs.  Venues vary in physical accessibility and accommodation; some of which, including PMMF office space, are located in historical buildings. When necessary, board, committee, and volunteer meetings are held off-site.  Each season, venues are assessed by PMMF staff to determine appropriateness for audiences. The need for microphones for performer commentary, surtitles, and printed translations of program material are considered when planning the season schedule.

The staff routinely evaluates the website design and content; this year a major design change was implemented making season information easier to access.  Trustee and Staff Information is posted on the website under About PMMF; plans are underway to add CDP Funders Report and Strategic Plan.

The PMMF website is screen-reader and screen-magnifier accessible, as well as easily navigable.  Staff is looking into the possibility of having each page turned into an audio version; for videos, staff is researching closed captioning and sign language versions. Bobby Approval was researched. Most Festival information is also available on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Staff is currently working on a better web presence by incorporating more keyword-rich content to the website for search engine optimization.  HTML coding will be well incorporated for images and links named in a meaningful way for those using text-to-speech software or Braille hardware.