Pine Mountain Music festival is proud to present this year's UPstarts! This year we have Eric Banitt, piano; Benjamin Merte, bass; Kalee Hernendez, piano; Karen Albert, mezzo-soprano; and Benjamin Zindler, trombone.

"Giovanni Perez is so busy as a guest teacher and virtuoso flute player that he doesn’t have time to take the tags off his tuxedo!  We are grateful to have been alerted to Giovanni by composer, Perry Goldstein." - PMMF Director Doug Day 

 "Jefferson Hamer will astound you with his own songs and his sensitivity in guitar accompaniment.  I had to pull off to the side of the road when I heard his Child Ballad record on the radio.

 Moira Smiley is nothing short of remarkable, both as a solo performer and as a choral leader of original material.  We are delighted she is joining our lineup in June!